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they would be a funny couple, hahaha

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The current team! This was fun to draw.

so cute!


The current team! This was fun to draw.

so cute!

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I’m still a little annoyed about the scene that was cut. I really enjoyed their Shay and Rafferty’s friendship and how unique it is. Shay is such a great person/character and it would be nice to see that she has another person that’s going to be there for her besides Dawson and Severide.

And you…

Oh shay sure is my favour. in the Chicago Fire :)

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I should say, it seems no evil indeed, we come from nature and we are made of nature

I should say, it seems no evil indeed, we come from nature and we are made of nature

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Chike C Aniokor

Country: Nigeria

Style: Modernist/ Uli

Medium: Watercolour/Ink on Paper

Fun Fact:Much of Aniakor’s art, particularly in ink and watercolor, displays strong linear qualities based upon uli, and he maintains that his interest in this design system developed separately from that of Uche Okeke. His human figures, often possessing elongated bodies and limbs, are frequently massed together in a work, and he makes skillful use of negative space.

Quote: My painting ideas are carried over months in the antipodes of the mind, undergoing creative mutation, occasionally surfacing to be synthesized—just in the way a goat sits under the shade to chew its cud. These ideas mature with time like the sprouts of yam seedlings. It is during this period that I feel like the traditional carver who says that to ‘carve a mask you must be the mask


1.The Allegory of Power

2. Of Collective Memory

3. Drawing

with great details and care. very thought-provoking instead. :)

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Vancouver - based artist Fiona Tang is creating these amazing trompe l’oeil* style charcoal and chalk pastel life-sized animals that are seemingly walking out walls in mid action. Seen above is Shark vs Humpback Whale (March 2014), and The Guardian (2014).

* trompe l’oeil -  drawing realistic imagery that makes 2D objects appear 3D. 

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What happens to us, the human, that sometimes we have to imitate the natural gifts with art in the name of immortal/ life-like, so we can kill them for ” our own sake”
God bless us all, including the animals. Sustainable living.

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Iris van Herpen and Lawrence Malstaf

"Models were suspended in vacuums between plastic sheeting during Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen's Autumn Winter 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week. Iris van Herpen and Belgian artist Lawrence Malstaf created the installation in which models were held in midair between sheets of plastic.

"Models float in the air, embryonic, seemingly weightless and in a meditative suspended animation," said Van Herpen.

Tubes extracted most of the air from the sheets to suck them tightly around the models, who posed in foetal or crouched positions wearing shimmering dresses.”

Sorry I can’t appreciate this. Seems so inhuman to me. 

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